Real Estate Updates Future of Interest Rates Future of Interest Rates Click Here
Real Estate Updates Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Home Prices According to the latest data from Fannie Mae, 23% of Americans still think home prices will go down over the next twelve months. But why do roughly 1 in 4 people feel that way? It has a lot to do with all the negative talk about home prices over the past year. Since late 2022, the media has […]
Real Estate Updates September Luxury Market Report LUXURY MARKET REVIEW FOR HAWAII Reba Roy, Corcoran Pacific Properties, is pleased to present a closer look at the luxury real estate market in Hawaii, which includes detailed statistical analysis for your in-depth review on Oahu, the Island of Hawaii, Maui and Kauai for August 2023. At first glance, affluent buyers looking to purchase a […]
Real Estate Updates Your Home Equity Can Offset Affordability Challenges Are you thinking about selling your house? If so, today’s mortgage rates may be making you wonder if that’s the right decision. Some homeowners are reluctant to sell and take on a higher mortgage rate on their next home. If you’re worried about this too, know that even though rates are high right now, so is home equity. Here’s […]
Real Estate Updates Kauai Real Estate Update for Sept 2023 Aloha! Hope you’re doing great.  I’ve got some fresh news on what’s happening with houses and land here on Kauai as of Sept 1st, 2023. (click here for detailed report) So, Kauai is this amazing place, right? Far from the mainland, with awesome views and that perfect island weather. Because of all this, lots of […]
Real Estate Updates How Inflation Affects the Housing Market How Inflation Affects the Housing Market Have you ever wondered how inflation impacts the housing market? Believe it or not, they’re connected. Whenever there are changes to one, both are affected. Here’s a high-level overview of the connection between the two. The Relationship Between Housing Inflation and Overall Inflation Shelter inflation is the measure of price growth specific […]
Real Estate Updates Today’s Housing Market Has Only Half the Usual Inventory [INFOGRAPHIC] Today’s Housing Market Has Only Half the Usual Inventory [INFOGRAPHIC]   Some Highlights There are only about half the number of homes for sale compared to the last normal years in the market. That means buyers don’t have enough options right now. So, if you work with an agent to list your house, it should be in the spotlight. If […]
Real Estate Updates Why Median Home Sales Price Is Confusing Right Now Why Median Home Sales Price Is Confusing Right Now The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is set to release its most recent Existing Home Sales (EHS) report tomorrow. This monthly release provides information on the volume of sales and price trends for homes that have previously been owned. In the upcoming release, it’ll likely say home prices are down. This may […]
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